HTTPUtility.NET is a collection of utilities frequently needed in web development, such as testing URL encode/decode, HTML encode/decode, generating runtime classes from a XSD or a JSON string and many more ...

I am happy to provide these utilities online for free and help you save some of your development time. All utilities can be found in the menu on your left hand side or on the home page. I'll try to keep that menu updated on a regular basis. If you come across any bugs or have any suggestions feel free to send your feedback on

By the way, I do not save any data that is being submitted to the server. All the input is processed either on the client side or the server side memory! However, I do track the usage for analytics purposes. I use Google Analytics. Also bare with some ads on the site, that's my only hope to keep it alive for long. Throw me a bone if you feel this site helped.

Happy Coding!

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